GSoC project ideas

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Thu Feb 28 20:54:01 CST 2008

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 7:28 PM, Jacek Caban <jacek at> wrote:
>  AFAICT Mozilla support for mingw32 is not really good (I've tried it and
>  decided to go back to MSVC) and it's even worse if you try to compile it
>  from Linux. I would very appreciate if someone would fix that. Even
>  better if it was a Winelib port. From my experience their makefiles are,
>  hmmm, not really nice to work with. Anyway, that would be my favorite
>  SOC project.

If we want to make this a SoC project, I can help mentor it a bit
unless someone else wants to step up. I was thinking about giving this
another shot myself using Han's mingw rpms he supports for
CrossTesting. I've got quite a bit of experience on the mingw side
from my ReactOS days and have followed the Mozilla/Firefox mingw
progress since the start of time so I think I could help a student get
started. I don't have much spare time to actually work on it so having
a student do with with some monetary motivation would be a good thing.

Steven Edwards

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