wine gdiplus <-> mono gdiplus wrapper

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Jan 2 16:18:38 CST 2008

Jerome wrote:
> I wrote a little script in order to wrap gdiplus with the mono one;
> Here are the source file and the spec file (this one made with winedump), but
> I have no idea how to compile it and/or include it in the wine source tree.
> Could you tell me what you think about it ? And if it has some utility ?

IIRC, the Mono gdiplus isn't so useful for us because it doesn't
deal with GDI handles the way we need.
That's one reason we have our own gdiplus now.
It might be more useful if you would look at fixing bugs
in our gdiplus rather than trying to wrap Mono's.
- Dan

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