USER32 - SPI_GETMOUSE missing a default value.

Peter Dons Tychsen donpedro at
Fri Jan 4 10:05:22 CST 2008

> SPI_GETMOUSE should work just fine, do you have a sample code which
> doesn't work? Is the app trying to read the registry directly without
> using SystemParametersInfo?

The application is the game "World In Conflict".
The application is reading correctly through SystemParametersInfo().

The problem as i see it, is that there is no default value for the mouse
parameters in the registry. You can see this by doing a clean wine
install, and checking the registry. I think this value should have a
default which should be set every time the DLL is loaded, so
applications can read the value via SystemParametersInfo().
Alternatively, the DLL could detect the missing info at runtime, but
that would not handle the case where the app tries to read the key
directly, so i still think the first version is the best.


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