xrandx responds with too many modes.

Peter Dons Tychsen donpedro at tdcadsl.dk
Fri Jan 4 12:24:36 CST 2008

> 640x480 does not integer-scale to my 1280x1024 display.  With 640x512
> I have perfect pixel alignment (2x zoom), no blurriness from the
> scaling.  I'll take 640x512 over 800x600 even because of the graphical
> nicety of it, and there are plenty of games (with options turned all
> the way up) that I cannot run at a good framerate at 1024 or 1280.

Ah... yes of course. Damn those flat-panel screens :-)

I have a similar monitor in 1280x1024 but only use 640x480 for games,
where i don't notice the problem.

Point taken. Scrap that idea!

But what about sacking the variants with different frequencies?
Would anyone have a problem with that idea? As mentioned, i doubt
if Wine users can use the frequency adjustment for anything useful
anyway? But then again i might have missed something again.


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