bugzilla component and keyword cleanup

Jan Zerebecki jan.wine at zerebecki.de
Sun Jan 6 10:55:55 CST 2008

I'm done with one step of the changes.

See the following URLs for how things currently look:

Improvement suggestions are welcome.

Does anyone know how the CVS/GIT version is marked so that it
gets selected on the new bug page and if that is also possible
for the component?

Now for further improvements:

Changes which IMHO should not be done:
wine-help -> hhctrl - Help viewer implementation
    help is currently not for the various help APIs but for user
    that want help. We should obsolete this component. We can
    create a new component for the help APIs if there is demand.
(new) -> vdm - Wine 16-bit compatibility layer
(new) -> win16 - Wine 16-bit compatibility layer
    vdm is part of the component dos, right?
    A win16 keyword is probably useful as win16 support is
    intertwined in quite some other DLLs and thus components.

Components that are marked as obsolete now, but where it's not
sure how to replace them:
    Should we really replace this? Replace it with what? An mci and winmm component?
    I didn't really made my mind up about this one yet...
    Possibly replace each with a keyword, see below.

Changes to the keywords:
    conformance (delete)
        Delete this keyword, because it fits probably most wine bugs.
    testcase (new)
        Bugs that have a testcase attached, in source form but
        not necessarily integrated into the Wine test suite.
    win16 (new)
        Bugs in the win16 parts of Wine.
    dotnet (new)
        Bugs that appear in applications using dotNet and that
        are related to this dotNet useage.
    winelib (new)
        Bugs during winelib useage but not during useage through
        windows native executables.
    ports (new)
        Bugs regarding porting to specific platforms or OSs.
        needs clarification
        needs clarification
        needs clarification
    Abandoned? -> needmoreinfo
        This is currently discussed in another thread.
    filesystem (new)
        Do we want such a component? Is it maybe related with
        console? What exactly should it cover? Only things that
        possibly can destroy data? 
    console (new)
        I didn't really made my mind up about this one yet...


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