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James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sun Jan 6 17:32:20 CST 2008

Jan Zerebecki wrote:
> It might make sense to rename "Abandoned?" to needmoreinfo, so
> that one can key a bug as needmoreinfo and after x month with
> that keyword and no response resolve it abandoned.
> Though we probably don't want to use needmoreinfo on bugs where
> it's possible for someone to retest if the bug is still there
> (e.g. where there is a download for the application and the bug
> is described sufficiently to check for it oneself).

1.  I would give the original reporter less than six months to respond.  
I would wait no more than a month for a response before closing as 

2.  The purpose of needsmoreinfo is that the original reporter did not 
supply sufficient information to reproduce the reported problem.  If a 
reported problem can be tested, and the problem determined, then the bug 
should not be placed in a needsmoreinfo status.  Another status would 
apply, like NEW or CONFIRMED, at this point.

James McKenzie

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