Can't figure out how to link a program

Blake McBride blake at
Mon Jan 7 06:44:56 CST 2008

Dear Alexandre,

Thank you for your response.  With that little information I was able to 
get my entire system working.  Two or three very simple examples showing 
all the steps in the docs would be worth their weight in gold and would 
be so easy to do.  It's also a shame I had to send the inquiry through 
three different channels before getting an answer.

Thank you very much for your quick response.  I t made all the difference.


Blake McBride

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Blake McBride <blake at> writes:
>> I apologize for bothering you with this.  I have tried getting an
>> answer to this on and on
>> wine-devel at without any responses.  Actually, I am quite
>> surprised that neither is this information available in the
>> documentation, the examples, nor the faq.  It seems like being able to
>> compile and link a simple hello-world program without all kinds of
>> convoluted / cygwin compatible / shared library wrapper stuff is
>> either impossible or a deeply guarded secret.  I used to use Willows
>> and everything build cleanly and simply.  Basically I'm just trying to
>> compile a C program that uses the Win32 API.  I would think there
>> would be some simple way of compiling with your include files and
>> linking with your libraries in a straight forward and simple way (like
>> every other development system).
> There is, you have to use winegcc instead of plain gcc. It does all the
> magic for you.

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