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Forwarding in case this might be useful to anyone here.

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Subject: [alkyproject-announce] End of an era
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It is with great sadness that I announce the closing of Falling Leaf
Systems, LLC. We set out over a year ago to provide users of both "old
and unsupported" as well as "alternative" Operating Systems the
ability to run the latest games for the PC. Unfortunately, Falling
Leaf Systems was unable to achieve that goal.

However, every ending tends to open another door for opportunity and
though we are saddened to announce our departure, we are almost as
excited to announce the immediate availability of ALL source code for
the Alky Project! It is licensed under the LGPL and includes both the
orginal Alky Converter source used to convert the popular Prey Demo to
run on OSX and Linux, as well as the alpha release of the Alky
Compatibility Libraries which attempted to provide a DirectX10
compatible runtime for Windows XP.  All of this is available at

We have also created some new forums on the site for users to discuss
the coming cycle of DirectX 10 based games. We hope that you'll pop in
there from time to time, and we also hope you join our mailing list to
receive an announcement in case some other Open Source project decides
to carry on the Alky banner.

We appreciate all your past support; Happy gaming!

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