[PATCH] Fix REG_MULTI_SZ save fromat - bug 824

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Jan 7 13:38:18 CST 2008

Alexandre wrote:
> I don't think a non null-terminated MULTI_SZ string is very useful.
> Do you really have an app that depends on this?

http://www.xpregistrycleaner.com/embedded-null-characters/ claims
"some software vendors use the embedded-null registry key technique
as a way to enforce the software license agreement and to reduce the
ability of users to tamper with the license information stored in
these registry keys."

http://forum.sysinternals.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=6030 claims
"iuVCR (www.iulabs.com)" might be such an app.

"The Aladdin Privilege Software Commerce Platform (SCP) may be a
common denominator for instances of Registry keys with embedded nulls
detected by RKR.
... [One app that seemed to use them was] a free trial of Adobe
Acrobat Professional 6.0."

mentions that Windows itself uses keys with trailing nulls for some things.

And of course there's all that splendid malware.
- Dan

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