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Shachar Shemesh shachar at
Tue Jan 8 02:16:21 CST 2008

Juan Carlos Montes wrote:

> Shachar Shemesh escribió:
>> I think you should be aware that Wine is no replacement for a security 
>> tool. If you run a malware using Wine, it is possible for this malware 
>> to interact directly with your Linux machine, bypassing your protection.
>> Shachar
> I know it, but we can control all actions that the malware make. If the malware
> bypass the protection and infect the machine... no problem, format, image and
> new malware to check, :)
But what good is a malware study tool if the malware can trivially 
detect it's there? What if it doesn't infect the machine, but just run 

There are Windows tools that do similar things to what you need (check 
out the sys-internals web site), where the environment is much more 
close to the real thing.

Actually, Dan's question is the more interesting here - did the malwares 
work under wine?


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