Spelling fixes - abbreviation question

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.com
Tue Jan 8 17:52:08 CST 2008

Austin English wrote:
> I'm seeing quite a few abbreviations. While they don't hurt anything,
> they do give the code a slang tone. I personally think that wine is a
It's not slang but jargon!

> very professional project, and it's code should reflect that. While
This is an open source project and not an English exam!

> this is obviously a very generic question, I wanted to clarify before
> submitting some changes for these.
> A few examples. These are all in comments, not in actual code, and I'm
> checking to make sure compilation/tests still pass before submitting.
> mem -> memory
> init -> initialize
> concat -> concatenate
> nr/num -> number
> infos -> information
> manuf -> manufacturer
> Etc. Anyone have any objections to these being changed? Call me a

> grammar nazi, but it's easier to read when not shortened like that.
No they aren't easier to read quite the contrary. They are part of the
normal jargon and easier to read/write; especially for non native
English speakers aka developers.

Oh, and removing words like "suck", "damn" (too bad "fuck" is missing)
and other swear words isn't a good idea either.


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