Dynace OO Extension to C and Windows Development System

Blake McBride blake at mcbride.name
Tue Jan 8 21:46:32 CST 2008

This is an announcement for a new release of the Dynace Object
Oriented Extension to C and the Windows Development System.

Real briefly, Dynace is an OO extension to C which includes multiple
inheritance, meta object protocol (MOP), class library, native thread
support, garbage collection, and is well documented.  The system has
been in production use for over 10 years.

The Windows Development System is a Dynace class library which makes
programming GUI applications under Windows and Linux (WINE) very easy.
It also includes a library for SQL Databases, an interface to Java and
MzScheme, a custom resource editor, etc.

Besides 600+ pages of professional documentation, the system also
includes a language tutorial and a GUI and Database tutorial.

Dynace will run on almost anything with a C compiler.  It has been
tested on many different systems over the years.

The Windows Development System runs on Windows an Linux (with WINE).  This
is open source software.

I can be downloaded at:


Blake McBride
blake at mcbride.name

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