shell32: Check if token references the current user

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Wed Jan 9 16:21:41 CST 2008

Hi Ge, sorry I missed this.  I have some stylistic quibbles with your patch:

+static PSID GetUserFromToken(HANDLE Token)

shellpath.c uses the _ prefix for static functions.  It's not pretty,
perhaps, but please be consistent.

@@ -1371,6 +1417,9 @@ static HRESULT _SHGetUserProfilePath(HANDLE
hToken, DWORD dwFlags, BYTE folder,
  LPWSTR pszPath)
     HRESULT hr;
+    PSID UserFromToken;
+    HANDLE ProcessToken;
+    PSID CurrentUser;

These have the wrong scope, as they're only used...

@@ -1391,6 +1441,37 @@ static HRESULT _SHGetUserProfilePath(HANDLE
hToken, DWORD dwFlags, BYTE folder,
     if (hToken != NULL && hToken != (HANDLE)-1)
+        UserFromToken = GetUserFromToken(hToken);

within this block.

But even fixing this, I think it'd be clearer to do something like the

-     if (hToken != NULL && hToken != (HANDLE)-1)
+     if (hToken != NULL && hToken != (HANDLE)-1 &&

That is, make a function that checks whether the token represents the
current user, and returns TRUE if so/FALSE if not.


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