Divan Burger divan.burger at
Thu Jan 10 08:23:15 CST 2008


What is the preferred number of spaces of indentation? In
comdlg32/colordlg.c it is either one or three spaces and there are a
few places where there is no indentation and where things are randomly
indented or switches between amounts of indentation.

What is the policy on when to change indentation and other things like
turning something like this:

    if (condition)
        ...some code...
        return 0;
    return 1;


    if (condition)
        return 1;

    ...some code...
    return 0;

The page on style
( only
contains very little on coding style.

Another question, would it be OK to use smooth gradients in the colour
dialog? It could be slow on older computer accessing each pixel
individually although the code is only run on startup.


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