[1/2] d3dx9: Implement the different dlls [try 2]

tony.wasserka at freenet.de tony.wasserka at freenet.de
Thu Jan 10 09:35:52 CST 2008

> Please stop resending that big patch again and again, it's not going in,
> it's full of problems. You need to provide correct forwards for all
> functions instead of stubs, and the functions need to match the Windows
> ones, you can't just copy the same spec file 12 times. Also the code was
> written by David, you have to use his name in the changelog, and you
> shouldn't add your copyright in all the files unless you make
> significant changes.

Okay, I now have spent some time on analysing the differences of the dlls
(at least regarding to what functions they provide). So just a few questions
from my side to make sure the next version of the patch will be what you expect:
1. Really just to ensure that one: You DO want me to forward even the stubbed
functions to the "d3dx9_36 stubs", don't you? If there's more to the forwards,
then tell me please.
2. Regarding the copyright thing, I'm really sorry for ignoring David's copyright, I'll
change that back. However, you didn't mean the git changelog with
"use his name in the changelog", did you?
Well, if you did, It'd be possible to mention both, as I'll have rewritten all
the specfiles. (It's not that I wouldn't respect David for his work, but the
time I spent on this shouldn't be left out either)
3. When it's ready, should I post my patch to a pastebin and ask at #winehackers
first if it's ok like that?
4. Is there anything other that I should correct?

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