autorun perhaps dangerous (Was: Wine release 0.9.53)

Marcel Partap mpartap at
Sat Jan 12 06:09:42 CST 2008

..also, a very good utility to handle the autorun stuff is autoruns.exe from the Sysinternals Suite.
Actually, the whole suite is a very good testbed for wine as it contains low level monitoring tools
like Diskmon.exe, Filemon.exe, Tcpview.exe, procexp.exe, portmon.exe, Winobj.exe.. many of those
fail on module:NtLoadDriver stub but some like process explorer or the autoruns tool work almost
perfectly fine. Running the splendid bluescreen screensaver would be totally awesome too, but that
needs native ntoskrnl.exe to fetch the bootlogo..
by the way yes, sysinternals has been bought by M$ mid 2006, and of course the first thing they did
is introduce a nasty legal pop-up to all of the utils, but having a short look at it we should be
fine using it to debug WiNE ;)

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