Improving Default Serial Port Configuration

Forrest Samuels forrest at
Sat Jan 12 23:19:06 CST 2008

I am looking to fix a bug causing serial ports to not show up in some
applications. The problem is due to missing registry entries for the
serial ports. I know what entries need to be created but I don't think
they should go in wine.inf. They should get created dynamically,
preferably on each run, based on what currently exists in

The bug I am working on is 9902 (

Does anyone have any insight on where I should start looking to
implement this? Implementation suggestions? In the bug, Juan Lang made
the suggestion that "Explorer's hal.c should be extended to create new
devices for all the ports it finds, using SetupDiCreateDeviceInfo
followed by SetupDiRegisterDeviceInfo. For some devices it should also
call SetupDiCreateDeviceInterface to register a particular interface."
I've looked in programs/explorer/hal.c and I am not sure where to
begin hooking something like that in.

It was also suggested in #winehackers that this could go in the same
place that other hardware like disk drives are detected and
configured. I am not sure where that would be either or if that is the
same as hal.c.

I am new to wine development to please feel free to over explain.

Forrest Samuels (forrest at

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