autorun perhaps dangerous (Was: Wine release 0.9.53)

tony.wasserka at tony.wasserka at
Sun Jan 13 10:33:24 CST 2008

> There are quite a few installers that use RunOnce to get around file
> locking, but I still haven't had to use one fortunately. As I said, as
> long as I can disable it. RunOnce wouldn't even have to be disabled,
> I'd be happy with a "RunOnce wants to execute 'foo.exe blipp blopp',
> 'No, and clear it from registry', 'Sure' ".

I'd agree to that, but we could also do it at installer runtime, i.e. we check
in the Windows SetRegistryKey function(don't know the real name) if the key is
autostart related, interupt the installer program and ask the user if he
wants to allow that. The method of asking the user at RunOnce has IMO
the disadvantage that the user may not know what installer added
the RunOnce entry anymore (because it's a couple of days ago that the
last Wine instance was running or so).

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