autorun perhaps dangerous (Was: Wine release 0.9.53)

L. Rahyen research at
Mon Jan 14 02:10:13 CST 2008

On Monday January 14 2008 00:17:53 James McKenzie wrote:
> I have found that I CANNOT contribute code to this project.  However,
> this does not stop me from contributing my USD .02.
> Regedit serves a single purpose, editing the registry.  msconfig serves
> the purpose of editing the configuration of Windows and as a Windows
> 'hacker' I live on this program.  Of course, for simplicity's sake this
> can be a tab in winecfg, but for a Windows user/hacker moving to
> Linux/Wine adding a symlink to winecfg and the appropriate tab would be
> acceptable, but overlooking this requirement is not 'a good thing'.

	I agree that it would be great to add additional tools such as msconfig. If 
it would be added we can make a tab in winecfg (or button in intuitive place 
of winecfg) for just running it. This would be intuitive for all users.
	However as I said if we cannot include it there are "more or less" acceptable 
alternative way to solve the problem.
	Personally I prefer inclusion of msconfig and possibility to run it from 
winecfg (along with ability to run it directly as msconfig).

> And adding the suprise of running Run Aways and Run Once is not nice.

	Yeah, I remember how a lot of (mostly non-functional or partially functional) 
programs started automatically not only for me but also for my users (because 
of my multiuser setup).
	By itself this is useful feature. But lack of proper configuration tool in 
clean WINE is the real problem currently...

> BTW, regedit is an absolute necessity to the Wine project, but it is
> also a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands.

	This is certainly true.

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