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kubrick at kubrick at
Wed Jan 16 08:28:07 CST 2008

Thanks for your answers.

I already use such filters in my mail client, which sorts my mails when I launch it at home, a few times a week :) My problem
was that the rest of the time (most of the time in fact) I read my mails for Squirrelmail, which can not do such sorting unless
I have server-side filtering plugins installed.
But looking deeper in the options I've just found that "Messages Highlighting" based on CC/TO is fitting my needs. So let's
close this topic which is off-topic :)
Sorry for the noise.


PS : I do find Subject prefixes ugly too... Bu I hadn't found a more handy solution.

> On Wednesday January 16 2008 13:25:38 kubrick at wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I have many subscriptions to different mailing list with my email-address
>> and I'd appreciate a lot to be able to identify a message from this mailing
>> list quickly by reading it's subject.
>> Could you please add a subject prefix like [WINE-DEVEL] in the mailman
>> preferences ? It's very easy to do, so maybe there is a good reason why you
>> haven't done it yet...
> 	Personally I detect messages for this list by searching for
> wine-devel at in CC, From or To fields. That works perfectly.
> I use this method for all mailing lists and this always works.
> 	Adding a prefix is very ugly in my opinion and there is no good technical
> reason for that. Just set up your filters properly as I suggested and this
> will work without problems - for any mailing list.

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