Request for patch removal

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Jan 16 09:58:41 CST 2008

"Federico Vecchiarelli" <fedev at> wrote:
> ... I wanted to make one unique installation
> available to several users. Because of this patch, there is no
> workaround that could be implemented, forcing me to either run a script
> changing the owner of the folders for every user as they want to use the
> application or I have to make several copies of the software which will
> put me in a difficult legal situation.

Since it seems from your description that
the users don't need to share a copy of the registry,
the solution is probably to do what Picasa for Linux
does, and just put symlinks to the installed files
into each user's .wine directory.  You will need to
write a little script that starts the app after
creating these links.   You can see how to do this
by installing Picasa and looking at /opt/picasa/bin/wrapper,
it does exactly this.
- Dan

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