Status of d3d in a child window?

Mark Hatsell mark.hatsell at
Wed Jan 16 12:01:49 CST 2008

Thanks Stefan. I thought it should be possible.

I upgraded my NVidia driver and things are a lot better now. Incidentally, 
is there a known minimum graphics hardware and driver level to get this 
child window stuff working?

mfctex.exe now works OK, although the D3D child window still seems to be in 
slightly the wrong place (see 
I also tried an MDI app that has a separate MDI child for each D3D window. 
This worked perfectly for the first child window but crashed out when 
opening a second child. Is this expected behavior at the moment?


"Stefan Dösinger" <stefan at> wrote in message 
news:200801160817.57209.stefan at
> Am Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2008 00:29:02 schrieb Mark Hatsell:
>> Hello All
>> I was just wondering what the status was of D3D in a child window. 
>> Looking
>> back at the release info it seems that the OpenGL in a child window has
>> been sorted and that D3D has been converted to use WGL. Is this not 
>> enough
>> to get D3D in a child window going?
> Yes
>> I have tried the mfctex sample but it draws the D3D child window in
>> slightly the wrong place and doesn't render anything at all. I have also
>> tried a couple of other apps which also exhibit similar behaviour.
>> Just wondered what else needed fixing before this would work?
> Which video card and driver do you have? The child window code has quite a 
> few
> requirements, and it uses some AIGLX and Compositing features.

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