Valgrinding large win32 app worked!

John Reiser jreiser at
Wed Jan 16 16:28:09 CST 2008

Eric Pouech wrote:
> Dan Kegel a écrit :

>> ... I can run Picasa for Windows under Wine under Valgrind.

>> It seemed to find lots of little problems, but since there
>> were lots of numeric addresses without symbolic info in the
>> valgrind log, it wasn't directly useful to the Picasa developers.

> the ultimate goal is rather to ask vg to support new messages about:
> - loading / unloading modules
> - having external .so files to understand more detailed information, and
> implement in them pdb and coff support

Yes, a new VALGRIND_USER_REQUEST which announces the load/unload,
supported by loadable shared libraries which generate symbols and
addresses to be added/removed from the currently-running valgrind,
is the way to go.

The only snag could be, does PE format allow a separate base address
for each "segment", or are all segments fixed relative to each other,
like the PT_LOAD in ET_DYN?

John Reiser, jreiser at

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