Getting Mozy to work

Christopher raccoonone at
Thu Jan 17 01:34:18 CST 2008

James McKenzie wrote:
> Christopher wrote:
>> I'd like to get Mozy (online backup software, see working 
>> under Wine. I'm not sure I have all the skills, but I'm willing to 
>> try and write the necessary patches. In particular I need to fix bug 
>> 10932 <>. This appears to 
>> be a problem with the fonts and/or the way text is rendered in 
>> general. Can anyone suggest a starting point for me? My programming 
>> experience has all been on Windows, so I don't know much about Wine 
>> and Linux. I tried looking through the output of +relay, but besides 
>> some WM_SETFONT messages there wasn't anything that looked very useful.
> Christopher:
> This may be an extension of the same problem I am having with e-Sword 
> and that is you have to use a native copy of riched20.dll.  Might I 
> suggest getting a copy of this and placing it in the same directory as 
> the Mozy software installs to.  Then use winecfg to create an entry 
> for the main executable and then under libraries set riched20.dll to 
> be native then builtin.  See if this makes the text visible.
> James Mckenzie
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I finally tracked the problem down 
to a flaw in user32.LoadStringW. I have sent in a patch, and will check 
user32.LoadStringA as it probably has the same flaw.

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