Fix for LoadStringW

Christopher raccoonone at
Sat Jan 19 00:32:29 CST 2008

Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> "Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at> writes:
>> "Christopher" <raccoonone at> wrote:
>>> Thanks for pointing that out! Am I suppose to attach a test case for all 
>>> my patches to wine-patches? I had submitted a testcase under the bug 
>>> report I filed, so I didn't attach it to the email.
>> You have to add the test to the exiting tests in dlls/kernel32/tests
> Actually, there are LoadStringA tests in dlls/user32/tests/resource.c,
> maybe it's best to team up with those (and possibly extend for the
> same set of tests).
I read the documentation on writing conformance tests. But is there a 
way for me to compile the tests under Linux to run on Windows? Having 
never written a conformance test before I would like to test it out on 
my own before I submit it. Also, once I write the test do I submit it at 
the same time as my patch, or do I need to submit the test first and 
wait for it to be accepted before sending in my patch?


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