gdiplus: DEFINE_GUID

Rolf Kalbermatter r.kalbermatter at
Sun Jan 20 06:34:18 CST 2008

James McKenzie

> (I am not allowed to submit code because I have an active 
> MSDN subscription which gives me access to Windows and 
> Windows project source code.)

I haven't had an MSDN subscription in a while but I think it would be very
strange that it comes with Windows source code. The most I have seen is the
crt source code from the Visual Studio Development systems (and there would
be the MFC source code too I suppose, but I couldn't care about that less)
although I never really cared to dig into the crt and only ever really got
into it more by accident when deugging my own code and single stepping into
a runtime function, which is mostly more a pain than anything else.

My understanding is that the fact that I had the possibility to look at the
crt code would at most prevent me to submit patches to msvcrt and friends
not to Wine as a whole.

Why an MSDN subsciption should prevent someone from submitting any code to
is beyond me, but maybe they changed the EULA of it?? (Which I would suspect
would not hold in court because of antitrust concerns).

Or did they really start to ship source code with it? I simply can't believe
they would ship ntdll.dll or ntos.exe or other core DLL source code ever.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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