user32: listbox failures

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Wed Jan 23 18:29:40 CST 2008

Running the listbox tests from dlls/user32/tests, I don't get any test
failures on Vista. Can anyone else confirm this?

Also, the LB_DIR failures on are due to it
looking for files in dlls/user32/tests as part of its test run. Since
these are not available when running it as part of the test suite that
generates those test results - or if you are running it as as
standalone in another directory (e.g. building it on one machine, then
running it on another) - the tests are failing.

My thoughts on this is to create some dummy data used by the tests,
then cleaning this up after the tests are run. This will all be
self-contained in listbox.c.

Does anyone have a better idea? If not, I'll look into this and provide a patch.

- Reece

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