gitignore: ignore files generated by the Visual C++ compiler.

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Thu Jan 24 11:07:57 CST 2008

On 24/01/2008, Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> wrote:
> "Reece Dunn" <msclrhd at> wrote:
> > This patch ignores any files generated by the Visual C++ compiler to
> > make it easier to generate patches when using the VCExpress family of
> > compilers on Windows.
> There is no point in that, patches should be generated after testing
> in Wine under a supported platform.

If you are in a bash/cmd shell *on Windows* with a checked out
wine.git repository, and you are using VCExpress to *build and test*
the /tests/ that test the Windows platforms (that is, you either don't
have access to mingw, or want to make use of the debugging
facilities), your work flow is something like this:

    vim edit.c
    cl ../../../include $(VCDIR)/include user32.lib gdi32.lib edit.c

and when everything is ok:

    git add . && git status
    git commit -m "user32: fixed edit for <insert Windows OS version here>."

which won't work in this case, as the files that cl generates will be
added into the local repository.

To test this on Wine, you would pull those changes to the Linux
machine with Wine setup (after you have committed the files!) and test
it there.

NOTE: The website at - "5.5.
Building and running the tests on Windows", has a section entitled
"5.5.4. Standalone, using the Microsoft C++ Toolkit", so this *is* a
valid development platform, so this patch *is* valid.

- Reece

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