What is the commit status of my test fixes?

Reece Dunn msclrhd at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 24 11:16:36 CST 2008

Hi, what is the status of my recent patches sent to the wine-patches list:

‎user32: make the class tests pass on
Vista.	[0001-user32-make-the-class-tests-pass-on-Vista.patch] 	23 Jan

user32: make the clipboard tests pass on
Vista.	[0001-user32-make-the-clipboard-tests-pass-on-Vista.patch] 	23

‎user32: make the listbox tests pass in directories other than
dlls/user32/tests.	[0001-user32-make-the-listbox-tests-pass-in-directories-o.patch]

‎gdi32: Vista returns UNICODE_NOCHAR if a character does not
exist.	[0001-gdi32-Vista-returns-UNICODE_NOCHAR-if-a-character-d.patch]

    These have not been applied, although the others beyond them have
(all the changes are independant of each other, except for the
gitignore changes where the devenum.h one should be ignored).

wine-dev ‎gitignore: ignore files generated by the Visual C++
compiler.	[0001-gitignore-ignore-files-generated-by-the-Visual-C.patch]

    I know that this is causing a bit of discussion at the moment.

wine-dev ‎user32: make the edit tests pass on
Vista.	[0001-user32-make-the-edit-tests-pass-on-Vista.patch] 	00:03

    This one needs updating, so I'll repost it later today with the update.

wine-dev ‎gitignore: added the missing include/devenum.h generated
file.	[0001-gitignore-added-the-missing-include-devenum.h-gener.patch]
	23 Jan

    This one I have said is wrong, so this one can be ignored.

- Reece

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