gdiplus: bezier test question

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Fri Jan 25 02:09:06 CST 2008

The patch that I have just submitted ("gdiplus: fix the bezier arc
path test (on all platforms).") is a simple fix for the failing test
in graphicspath.c. The failure highlights gdiplus behaviour that is
not directly obvious:

If you have a bezier arc:

static path_test_t arc_path[] = {
    {600.0, 450.0, PathPointTypeStart, 0, 0}, /*0*/
    {600.0, 643.3, PathPointTypeBezier, 0, 0}, /*1*/
    {488.1, 800.0, PathPointTypeBezier, 0, 0}, /*2*/

the gdiplus code will make the last entry PathPointTypeBezier |

For the nature of the existing test, I believe the fix is correct (it
is testing the basic arc path functionality). However, there should be
another test to document the above behaviour.

- Reece

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