user32: understanding the HiliteMenuItem failures (all platforms)... call for help

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Sat Jan 26 09:50:08 CST 2008


I am currently looking at the user32: menu (HiliteMenuItem) test failures:

menu.c:1884: Test failed: HiliteMenuItem: Item 1 is not hilited
menu.c:1891: Test failed: HiliteMenuItem: Item 3 is not hilited

1.  These are failing consistently on all platforms (see - you may need to search for
HiliteMenuItem to find the failures!).

2.  It appears (backed up with tests in the attached patch) that the
API fails when the HWND parameter is NULL.

3.  The tests are not comprehensive enough.

The patch I have attached here is still a work in progress:

1.  I have not tested it on Wine - it is likely that this will require
todo_wine markers to make it run successfully.

2.  The tests are still failing on Windows (both XP and Vista).

Here is where I get stuck. According to the MDSN documentation (which
is likely to be wrong) this appears to be correct.

Does anyone know how to get HiliteMenuItem to work?!

- Reece
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