d3dx8, d3dx9_xx and d3dx10_xx

tony.wasserka at freenet.de tony.wasserka at freenet.de
Sat Jan 26 13:01:27 CST 2008

> Find attached some data on d3dx8, d3dx9_xx and d3dx10_xx implementations:
> dll files by d3dx extension:
> d3dx8         1 dll files
> d3dx9_xx       13 dll files
> d3dx10_xx  4 dll files
> [...]

Nice work, how did you get the data?
Did you run Dependency Walker on each dll or is there a more practical way?
I'm creating stub dlls at the moment and need to get the parameters for each function
on MSDN which is very time consuming and am looking for a faster way.

However, to add a little more data, my list of the differences between the d3dx9 dlls:
from d3dx9_24 to d3dx9_25:
                + D3DXUVAtlasCreate
                + D3DXUVAtlasPack
                + D3DXUVAtlasPartition
from d3dx9_25 to d3dx9_26:
                + D3DXComputeIMTFromPerTexelSignal
                + D3DXComputeIMTFromPerVertexSignal
                + D3DXComputeIMTFromSignal
                + D3DXComputeIMTFromTexture
from d3dx9_26 to d3dx9_27:
                (no changes)
from d3dx9_27 to d3dx9_28:
                + D3DXPreprocessShader
                + D3DXPreprocessShaderFromFileA
                + D3DXPreprocessShaderFromFileW
                + D3DXPreprocessShaderFromResourceA
                + D3DXPreprocessShaderFromResourceW
from d3dx9_28 to d3dx9_30:
                (no changes)
from d3dx9_30 to d3dx9_31:
                - D3DXCpuOptimizations
                - D3DXGetTargetDescByName
                - D3DXGetTargetDescByVersion
from d3dx9_31 to d3dx9_32:
                + D3DXSHMultiply2
                + D3DXSHMultiply3
                + D3DXSHMultiply4
                + D3DXSHMultiply5
                + D3DXSHMultiply6
from d3dx9_32 to d3dx9_35:
                (no changes)
from d3dx9_35 to d3dx9_36:
                + D3DXCreateFragmentLinkerEx
                + D3DXGetShaderConstantTableEx

They of course match to your reported number of function, great job.

PS: My d3dx9_24 patch is on its way, just need to prove that everything is correct

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