Wine Test Shell - timeouts during test runs too short?

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Sun Jan 27 05:18:12 CST 2008


When running the Wine Test Shell to run the tests as part of, there are several timeouts in different

These may be valid timeouts, but on my Vista test machine ddraw:d3d
and msi:install generate the timeout message box part way through the
test run, even though they continue and complete. Those tests are just

The others (such as kernel32:debugger) may be the same - especially
when you get mixed results from different runs.

Because of this, the timeout length should be increased (I would say
at least doubled, to allow the long-running tests to run through).

Another thing... I find it breaks the idea of an automated test run to
have to watch it to OK the timeout messages. I know that UAC and the
shfileop tests bring up interactive dialogs, but these are from within
Windows itself, and will be dealt with by the timeout/test killer part
of the Wine Test Shell.

This would help make it easier for people to run the tests more often.

- Reece

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