shell32:shlfileop - interactive dialogs on Windows Vista

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Sun Jan 27 05:34:41 CST 2008


One of the new features of Windows Vista is to bring up dialogs
whenever you are copying files, moving files, etc. to ask the user
what behaviour they want (e.g. move and replace; don't move; move, but
keep both files).

This makes it more user friendly, but for the Wine tests, it means that:
  - on XP the shlfileop tests run and pass eithout any user interaction;
  - on Vista, the shlfileop tests bring up several of those dialog prompts.

I haven't yet looked at the tests to see what they are doing, or at
the MSDN documentation to see if this would break things (i.e. if the
program selected copy & replace, but the user said don't copy).

Does anyone have any ideas how to get these working without user
interaction (or if that is at all possible)?

- Reece

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