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Sun Jan 27 08:11:23 CST 2008

On Sunday 27 January 2008 06:42:45 EA Durbin wrote:

[ I decided to CC wine-devel since you're the second person to ask ]

> You had completed some work on winhttp and provided a snapshot in bug 9200.
> Has this been sent to wine-patches yet?  I was going to tinker with it a bit
> to see if I could get an app working and wondered if you had anything more
> up to date or if this had been merged into git yet? If you've already got
> a solution I don't want to reinvent the wheel.    

Here's a rediffed version of my unfinished winhttp patch. I wrote it primarily
to explore the option of implementing winhttp on top of wininet.

Basically we are faced with a choice between this option, which requires
a Wine-only extension to wininet to implement winhttp style callbacks, and
duplicating wininet code.

I think layering can be done in a relatively clean way by making wininet
handle the superset of wininet and winhttp callbacks and adding callback
filtering as required by winhttp. Old wininet behavior can then be obtained
by an implicit filter on the wininet subset of callbacks.

If time permits I'll write a comprehensive test suite for winhttp which
should help us make an informed decision.

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