d3dx: A few last questions...

tony.wasserka at freenet.de tony.wasserka at freenet.de
Sun Jan 27 10:04:25 CST 2008

So far I have pretty much completed the d3dx9_24 dll. However, while writing the
spec files I faced a few problems which I'd like to have solved befor submitting
the patch:
1. With the d3dx9_31 dll, microsoft removed three functions from the SDK. I'm curious
    what to do with them. Should I stub them at the first or last dll they're used in? Also,
    How should I handle the forwarding thing then? I'm importing d3dx9_36 in each dll,
    but need to import the dll containing the three functions, too (I'm just asking to make
    sure there won't be any collisions or conflicts or something).
    By the way, the three functions are D3DXCpuOptimizations, GetTargetDescByName
    and GetTargetDescByVersion.
2. Another problem is, that many functions changed in there argument list from one version
    to the next one.
    For example http://msdn.microsoft.com/archive/default.asp?url=/archive/en-us/directx9_c_Summer_04/directx/graphics/d3dxapichanges.asp
    Says, that D3DXCreateFont changed the type of the D3DXFONT_DESC member Height
    from UINT to INT. I think (but don't know, so I ask) that this could lead to a misbehavior in
    some programs, as a UINT has a significant difference in the bit structure to INT. Also,
    the Angle parameter in D3DXSHRotateZ was changed from const FLOAT to FLOAT, which
    COULD also lead to problems.
3. Also, the MSDN seems to lack the info about D3DXGetTargetDescByName and
    D3DXGetTargetDescByVersion. I'd be really gradeful if someone who has an old
    version of the DXSDK installed could take a look into the headers and tell me the
    argument list.
4. And just to make sure, I attached the d3dx9_24 specfile. Everything but the argument
    types should be okay I think, but please tell me if you find any other problems with it,
    like typos in function names or something about the forwarding. Also, the two
    D3DXGetTargetDescByName/Version functions don't have argument lists yet
    as I couldn't find resources about them.

That's it at the moment, I'll reply later to this topic if there appear new problems.
Thanks for any answers, best regards


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