Sorry about the extraordinary amount of wine-bugs spam

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Jan 28 05:40:41 CST 2008

I've been as annoyed as anybody at the huge churn
on wine-bugs lately, it makes it hard to actually read,
and the mailing list archive can't really cope.
But there seems to be no way around it, so I
decided to get a bunch more out of the way
in one fell (and I do mean fell) swoop.
In particular, I closed over a thousand old
RESOLVED INVALID bugs tonight.
You can see the effect here:

The only real benefit of this is fixed bugs will show
up with strikethrough now when referenced in bugzilla,
which is actually kind of nice.

I'd like to get all the wine-bugs churn out of the way
during January, if possible.

For reference, the rule of thumb for closing RESOLVED bugs is:

  FIXED and WORKSFORME: can be closed after two weeks (i.e. after release)

  ABANDONED: can be closed after three months

  INVALID: can be closed immediately, but if it's less than
  a couple months old, check to make sure somebody
  wasn't just being cranky
- Dan

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