[PATCH 1/1] winecoreaudio: Make sure Port_SendToMessageThread is non-NULL in CoreAudio_WaveRelease.

Ken Thomases ken at codeweavers.com
Mon Jan 28 18:05:51 CST 2008

On Jan 28, 2008, at 8:06 AM, Misha Koshelev wrote:

> I have started playing with wine on MacOS in VMWare.  
> wineprefixcreate page faults on my
> MacOS "system" and I tracked it to Port_SendToMessageThread staying  
> NULL because of:
> err:wave:CoreAudio_WaveInit AudioHardwareGetProperty:  
> CoreAudio_DefaultDevice.outputDeviceID == kAudioDeviceUnknown
> Clearly wineprefixcreate shouldn't be page faulting under any  
> condition.

It seems to me that the driver ought to just fail to load in this  
case.  If you back out your patch and apply the attached patch, does  
that fix the page fault?


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