d3dx: A few last questions...

tony.wasserka at freenet.de tony.wasserka at freenet.de
Tue Jan 29 12:43:48 CST 2008

> The function D3DXCheckVersion must not be forwarded from each d3dx9_xx file to the 36 because D3DX_SDK_VERSION changes for each file. 

Thanks for your comment, though I don't know if this is needed:
Comment from the d3dx9core.h of the DX SDK:

> ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> // -----------------
> // This identifier is passed to D3DXCheckVersion in order to ensure that an
> // application was built against the correct header files and lib files. 
> // This number is incremented whenever a header (or other) change would 
> // require applications to be rebuilt. If the version doesn't match, 
> // D3DXCheckVersion will return FALSE. (The number itself has no meaning.)
> ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

So this function is only needed to ensure that no header file changed between the last
build of an application. As this won't be the case in our wine implementation we can let
all dlls use the same function.
Also, the D3DX_SDK_VERSION is declared in d3dx9core.h, which means we can only have
one definition of it at a time which even prevents us from caring about this function.
By the way, I think this function is just a leftover from the times, when microsoft released
updates of their D3DX library without renaming the dlls, were using a more actual dll
could really lead to conflicts.

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