Thoughts on implementation of winhttp.dll

Zac Brown zac at
Tue Jul 1 14:42:30 CDT 2008


I've been looking at implementing winhttp.dll.

Does anyone have thoughts on implementing parts of winhttp in terms of wininet? 
The primary issue that prevents entirely implementing winhttp in terms of 
wininet is that there is no direct Win32 API for fetching an SSL certificate in 
winhttp. To access these, I'd need access to functions defined in 
wininet/netconnection.c but aren't exported.

My current two ideas are to either:
1) Copy the networking sublayer from wininet into winhttp and build on top of 
that to implement winhttp. Effectively reimplementing mostly from scratch.

2) Implement most winhttp things in terms of wininet and then copying over parts 
that I need from wininet's network sublayer, like fetching SSL certificates and 
so on.

Thoughts on this are greatly appreciated, as I'd prefer to only have to write 
the library once.


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