winecfg.cpl: Add new control panel applet for winecfg

Owen Rudge owen at
Wed Jul 2 07:05:06 CDT 2008

Hi Reece,

> I just tested Cepstral SwiftTalker with latest git (see bug:
> and I can't see the
> options from the `control` program. You might want to get this and
> other applets displaying/working before creating default Wine-specific
> ones (e.g. like the one installed by Internet Explorer).

I'll look into that, then. I know that the shell namespace control panel 
does check the registry for entries (could you try using a program like the 
ReactOS Explorer to browse the control panel and see if it shows up there?), 
but I'm not sure if the standalone control.exe does. Ideally, the standalone 
control.exe would be replaced with a stub that launches the Explorer, but of 
course Wine doesn't have a built-in Explorer yet.

I'll do some testing with this app later and see what the problem is.


Owen Rudge 

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