rpcrt4: Fix a test that fails in win2k3

Rob Shearman robertshearman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 08:23:31 CDT 2008

2008/7/2 Kai Blin <kai.blin at gmail.com>:
> On Wednesday 02 July 2008 11:52:11 Rob Shearman wrote:
>> I think the behaviour on win2k3 should be marked as broken, since I
>> can't see any reason why it would need to return more bytes than was
>> requested.
> Hm, I seem to recall a Samba RPC fix doing the same thing. This seems to be a
> byte alignment thing. If you're interested, I can see if I can dig up the
> appropriate discussion on samba-technical.

Sure, although I suspect it will be related to packets with
authentication, rather than without which is the case here.

In any case, alignment of the end of the packet should be a task
handled by the RPC layer, not the NDR layer.

Rob Shearman

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