[quartz/tests] Make tests run on everything lower then Vista (Try 2)

Alexander Dorofeyev alexd4 at inbox.lv
Wed Jul 2 08:21:23 CDT 2008

Paul Vriens wrote:
> I've checked this on W2K3 and WinXP-SP3 and it only creates that one 
> registry
> key with one value (Default) underneath. There is another key created which 
> isn't deleted:
> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ActiveMovie\devenum\{guid}
> This key has 4 values.
> This key is overwritten when a new registration occurs
Hmm, during the course of the test there should definitely be keys 
created in HKCR\CLSID\{guid} by filtermapper and they were during my 
tests. I guess they are removed by Unregister... calls (can be checked 
by commenting them). On a second thought, I guess the UnregisterFilter 
also should remove Pins subkey, probably that's why there's nothing left 
there. Can't recheck myself right now, unfortunately.  Then deletekey vs 
deletetree only matters when something in unregistration unexpectedly 
fails, but still.

I'll look into other keys, I guess it's some leftovers from 
filtermapper2 stuff and more cleanup must be added.

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