winecfg.cpl: Add new control panel applet for winecfg

Owen Rudge owen at
Wed Jul 2 10:58:23 CDT 2008

>> You might try to make some of those that have an analogue work in
>> Wine, especially the "Legacy Control Panel Commands" "desktop" and
>> "color".
> That's something I can look into, indeed.

Having had a brief look into it, currently the control panel attempts to 
launch the appropriate .cpl file that would be launched on Windows. I think, 
rather than altering this to load winecfg instead, it'd probably be best to 
leave any changes here for the time being. If I do (or someone else does) 
end up splitting up winecfg, then the best plan would simply be to name the 
resulting control panels in a way compatible with Windows.


Owen Rudge

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