programs: add rudimentary dxdiag

Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Wed Jul 2 18:02:27 CDT 2008

Detlef Riekenberg < <at>> writes:

> Why not?
> - empty stub
> - the property-sheet
> - demo-window with an empty (in memory) Bitmap
> - the wine-logo as bitmap
> - spinning cube
> reorder, when needed

Hi Detlef (and Juan) , thanks for the response. I sent in a simple stub (and two
other patches on top of that i need to get something useful in dxdiag) but
apparently they are not accepted either. If only i knew why, but i don't as
again  i got no comment why they were rejected, so for now i'd have to guess :
1. no need for a dxdiag in wine
2. my patches are too crappy to respond to.

In both cases it's useless to leave thebug i  opened for missing dxdiag  open,
so i'll abandon it (bug 14118)

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