gdi32: Implement automatic font substitution

Huang, Zhangrong hzhrong at
Wed Jul 2 19:13:06 CDT 2008

Have you tried to set FontLink? It works for me, there are no places
have font problem. (without automatic font substitution patch)


NT\\CurrentVersion\\FontLink\\SystemLink] 1208451304
"Microsoft Sans
Serif"=str(7):"simsun.ttc,SimSun\0gulim.ttc,Gulim\0msgothic.ttc,MS UI
UI Gothic\0mingliu.ttc,PMingLiU\0"

Ensure your system have these fonts: simsun.ttc, gulim.ttc,
msgothic.ttc and mingliu.ttc, or change the values with proper font

2008/7/3 Lei Zhang <thestig at>:
> I tried this with Picasa. It fixed the font rendered as boxes, but now
> other parts of the interface is missing text.

$ apt-get moo
 / | ||
 * /\---/\
 ~~ ~~
...."Have you mooed today?"...

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