Debugging Question

Chris Ahrendt celticht32 at
Thu Jul 3 15:07:08 CDT 2008

Juan Lang wrote:
>> So is there any way to output just the win32 API calls and no wine
>> information.
> That's precisely what +relay does.  I'm not sure what you mean by "no
> wine information."
> --Juan
Ok when I put +relay on I get alot of other stuff I am not looking for...

So what I am looking for is application A called Win32 api say an open 
window  or other such thing... I cant remember the exact api's (G) its 
been a long week at work..

So it would be like this

trace:d3d_caps:<win32 API called> returning w:1600, h:1200, ref:60, 

or something along those lines...

if relay does that does it also put in the wine calls as well?  if it 
does is there any way to filter those out... I just want the high level 
API calls nothing more...


Sorry if this is rambling... like I said its been a LONG Week....

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