winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Rob Shearman robertshearman at
Fri Jul 4 07:22:29 CDT 2008

2008/7/4 Adam Strzelecki <ono at>:
> Hi Emmanuel, hello Wine developers,
> Latest WineQuartz.drv patch is 0.9.58. Is there any change for more
> recent release? I tried this patch with 1.0-1 however it has too many
> conflicts.
> It would be most convenient if you had just update
>  to match 1.1.0 somehow and include Quartz.

Someone needs to do the work to resolve the conflicts that you just
mentioned. Do you expect that to just magically happen with no work?

> Since Wine passed 1.0 (woohoo!) maybe someone from the direction can
> revise Mac support? Even there're numerous Emmanuel efforts to provide
> Mac UI driver instead of X11, it will be always pushed aside, and
> sentenced to death, because it is not in official sources.
> I know Alexandre Julliard's decision about NOT taking any Objective-C
> sources (.m) into the Wine, but maybe this can be revised, anyway
> all .m rules will be only present on Mac platforms. Using Objective-C
> is only way to make fair support for Mac OS GUI, as those whole GUI
> system is objective.

While I don't know how complete the code is or how well it work, once
a reasonable set of applications work the same or better with
winequartz.drv as they do with winex11.drv then there will likely be
enough demand to overcome the objection or an alternative solution
will be found.

> Moreover then what's the point of keeping winex11.drv and all GUI
> driver infrastructure in Wine if nothing else but X11 is NOT accepted
> into official source?


> Forgive me what I say now, but I just it would be more fair if someone
> from Codeweavers just said that Wine's official support for Mac OS X
> is against their business with CrossOver and this is the real reason
> they reject winequartz.drv from Emmanuel Maillard.

Oh yeah, sure...

> Frankly I'd really pay for CrossOver or Wine, if it was what 1.0-1 is
> but with native Mac UI, so each wine process has it's own dock icon,
> and no X11 is needed and native Mac font system.

And that is why your conspiracy theory is complete and utter rubbish -
because CodeWeavers would get many more customers with a working
quartz driver. The real reasons are technical. If they weren't then
you would already find CrossOver 7.0 shipping with winequartz.drv,
which it doesn't.

Rob Shearman

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