New winetricks 20080704: added firefox3, kde verbs (and a whole lot of other stuff)

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at
Fri Jul 4 10:54:55 CDT 2008

Quoting Dan Kegel <dank at>:

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> r95 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-07-04 07:46:03 -0700 (Fri, 04 Jul 2008) | 2 lines
> Added firefox3, kde


I'm one of the kde-windows developers. To make maintenance of  
winetricks easier, we've added a kdewin-installer-gui-latest.exe which  
links to the latest version of the installer. The md5sums file will be  
updated to contain the md5sum for the -latest.exe file, too.

Pau Garcia i Quiles
(Due to my workload, I may need 10 days to answer)

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