winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Emmanuel Maillard mahanuu at
Fri Jul 4 15:49:23 CDT 2008


Le 4 juil. 08 à 12:37, Adam Strzelecki a écrit :

> Hi Emmanuel, hello Wine developers,
> Latest WineQuartz.drv patch is 0.9.58. Is there any change for more  
> recent release? I tried this patch with 1.0-1 however it has too  
> many conflicts.
> It would be most convenient if you had just update 
>  to match 1.1.0 somehow and include Quartz.

I resolved conflicts for wine-1.0, but didn't take a look yet for  
wine-1.1.0, i just know that's some changes in user32 and winex11.drv
have to be update in winequartz.drv too.

I will see this week end if i can find free time to make a new patch  
for winequartz.drv and send it to SourceForge.
(OpenGL is broken in winequartz.drv actually, because of a lack of  
time to fix it)

> Since Wine passed 1.0 (woohoo!) maybe someone from the direction can  
> revise Mac support? Even there're numerous Emmanuel efforts to  
> provide Mac UI driver instead of X11, it will be always pushed  
> aside, and sentenced to death, because it is not in official sources.
> I know Alexandre Julliard's decision about NOT taking any Objective- 
> C sources (.m) into the Wine, but maybe this can be revised, anyway  
> all .m rules will be only present on Mac platforms. Using Objective- 
> C is only way to make fair support for Mac OS GUI, as those whole  
> GUI system is objective.
> Moreover then what's the point of keeping winex11.drv and all GUI  
> driver infrastructure in Wine if nothing else but X11 is NOT  
> accepted into official source?
> Forgive me what I say now, but I just it would be more fair if  
> someone from Codeweavers just said that Wine's official support for  
> Mac OS X is against their business with CrossOver and this is the  
> real reason they reject winequartz.drv from Emmanuel Maillard.
> Frankly I'd really pay for CrossOver or Wine, if it was what 1.0-1  
> is but with native Mac UI, so each wine process has it's own dock  
> icon, and no X11 is needed and native Mac font system.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Adam Strzelecki |: :|


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